Taxi LIVO is a medium-sized taxi company with which you can get all (good) sides.
Our fleet consists of more than 20 cars and 8 passenger buses, with which we provide street taxi, catering, airport service and personal transport. We can also arrange for a caretaker taxi for us to transport for many small and large health insurers, patients to and from all destinations throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

We are also on Vlissingen and Middelburg stations daily, if you wish to take a taxi if you arrive at one of these stations than about half an hour before arrival, please contact us at +31 118 635800 then we will be right One of our taxis can take it.

We are also at the right place for transportation to and from ports. We drive all over the slope (Vlissingen – east) but there are also possibilities outside, such as a port area like Europoort, Botlek, but also Belgium. We also drive several shipping agencies in Zeeland.

Taxi Transport also provides a comfortable and safe ride for transportation to and from an airport.
Whether it’s Schiphol or Brussels or any airport in the Benelux Taxi Livo, it’s up to you.

We deliver tailor made to further destinations in the Netherlands and abroad, at fair and competitive rates. We drive at times when you wish 24 hours a day. In addition, we always drive on time, you always hear from us when a taxi is available to you. A team of about 30 motivated drivers will be able to transport you from A to B in luxury taxis, all with air conditioning and usually no older than 5 years. In addition, we are equipped with the Tx quality mark, which guarantees good quality and service, and certainly not insignificant, you are well assured if you are with us.

Taxi LIVO guarantees a safe ride and fast service.