Company Info

Taxi LIVO is a medium-sized taxi company with 30 drivers. We have more than 20 cars and 8-person-vans, mostly not older then 5 years. It lies in the intention to replace our fleet the coming 2 years entirely. From that point we will replace a taxi when its older than 3 years. We possess TX-inspecting mark, which guarantees well trained drivers and good management.

We offer a 24-hour service to customers to all destinations in and outside the country. For all questions please feel free to call us during office hours or mail to

On behalf of Taxi LIVO thank you very much for your interest in our company and we hope to greet you soon as a new customer.

Taxi Livo v.o.f.
Postbus 7026
4330 GA Middelburg

Office: Logistiekweg 1
4387 PK Vlissingen

K.v.K.: Middelburg 220.40.905

Postbank: 43.72.895
Rabobank: 335.063.837
BTW: NL8082.67.796.B01

fax: 0118-615791